So it begins….

Hello and welcome to my blog. First, introductions. My name is Holly and I retired as a psychologist after 27 years. I have a long time passion for jewelry making (and wearing!) and collecting (nee amassing) beads and jewelry findings and now I can devote more time to this. Woohoo!

I am an amateur in this field and in no way an expert, so please keep that in mind. I am self taught in jewelry making, having gone to a few workshops, read articles and how-to books, and watched online videos for my ‘training’. In the twenty plus years I have been engaged in this endeavor I have made many mistakes and continue to do so, but I love the creative process in jewelry making more than anything. Czech glass beads are a particular obsession at the moment, but I love discovering artists who create objects to be used in jewelry making as well. So many talented people out there! I enjoy making earrings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces by stringing on artistic wire or cord using glass, metal, clay, wood beads, semi-precious stones, and artisan made components. I hope to expand my knowledge and skill set and maybe even try my hand at stitching/bead weaving. Since I’m retired, I now have a little more time (and less money?!) to travel to workshops and bead shows as well. Cannot wait to see where all this will lead me!

Since it has become ‘a thing’ to state ones intentions for doing something, I’ll state mine for this blog. My intention is to share my thoughts/feelings on this jewelry making hobby gone wild as I journey through the creative process, and whatever else comes to mind on the matter including sharing my latest creations and bead finds, information about other creatives in the field, etc. Conversations may occasionally digress to my other obsessions passions in life (beach vacations, meditation, books, cats, walks in the park on sunny days, and the general welfare of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants). I am sure this will morph and change as time goes on. I will try to keep this positive and lighthearted. I want this to be fun for me, as well as anyone else that may wish to read it.

What I’m pondering over beads and coffee …. “I’m going to stop putting things off….. starting tomorrow.” ~Sam Levenson


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