Bead-ageddon (pt 2)

Loved Tucson and the whole vibe happening in the town. I was with my peeps! I’m not a rock hound, but I do love gemstones and beads and all things jewelry and the town was buzzing with that energy.

I had a day before Candie Cooper’s all day workshop to go on the bead hunt and after looking over all the information about shows/locations, I decided to go to the Casino Del Sol where To Bead True Blue and Colors of the Stone were located. I ended up going there twice during my time in Tucson and had a ball! What made it all so special was seeing the people in person from the DIY jewelry making world that I have been following online, in books and videos, Facebook, on tv, etc. So wonderful to meet them and chat. Such a great bunch of folks, and so kind and friendly.

So many vendors…be still my heart. I spent hours wandering from booth to booth. Not only was I shopping for myself, but I was also shopping for my friend. I usually see these products through their online store or Etsy shop. That’s the way of the world, but here I was able to touch and take it all in at a glance. Often, the artist themselves right there to talk with and ask questions.

I wasn’t alone in my adventure either. Several of us who met through Candie Cooper were hanging together and taking it all in. Some had been there before, others were first timers. Any way you slice it, it all was good times! I was exhausted by the end of that first full day. I sat in my hotel room going through all my purchases and relaxing. Sweet!

Lipstick Ranch & Patricia Healey
Dakota Stones
Dakota Stones
Golem Beads
top 3 rows

Pondering over beads and coffee…“A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature.” ~ Seneca

Don’t worry, be happy ~ Holly G

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