Wood and leather

I love using natural materials in some of my designs (altho I am vegetarian, I do use leather in my designs on occasion). Here I’ve paired a hand braided leather cord I purchased online with a wood and brass focal that I painted using patina paints and gold leaf. I made it a bit rustic by using sand paper around the edges. I strung it with a few beads, including semi-precious stone, brass metal spacers, and czech glass, and voila!

Opposite side of pendant using a different patina paint as my base color
Close-up of wood pendant
The whole necklace

I decorated the wood pendant in a workshop conducted by Candie Cooper, who demonstrated various ways to enhance a raw wood focal. The patinas are from Vintaj, who carry a wide variety of colors and as you can see I used several to create a collage of color on the wood. Also, on the opposite side of the pendant, I chose to do another variation of the colors, only this time I used the orange patina as my base rather than the turquoise. It gives me options on how I wear it and what I can wear it with by just flipping the necklace over. When working with these patinas you need to realize that they do dry rather quickly, so you have to work fast. Because it’s a soft wood piece, a quick swipe of fine sandpaper (something that won’t scratch the surface, unless you desire a more distressed look) can take off the dry layer of patina if you don’t like how it looks. I actually did that with this piece. I did not like how the original paint job came out and the more patina I added to try and improve it the worse it got. So, out came the sandpaper and I sanded all the dry paint off and started over. I added wire to the top brass cap and strung some beads on it, made a loop and attached to this leather cord with a jump ring. If I wish to, I can remove the pendant by opening the jump ring and taking it off.

In addition to wood, you can also use these patinas on metal. I’ve done that on a few brass charms and pendants. Adds a nice artisan look to it. Next time try your hand at using patinas in your jewelry pieces!

Pondering over coffee and beads- “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Take out those paints and brushes and get started! ~Holly G (HBG Jewelry)

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